5 TT things to look forward to in 2021

5 TT things to look forward to in 2021

Safe to say that 2020 was largely a year we all want to forget. Covid 19 has all but stopped table tennis all around the world to a certain extent. However I want to give you 5 things that I’m looking forward to in 2021!

1 – Returning to Club nights – for me Keynsham TTC

This means seeing table tennis friends again, enjoying the banter and community side of things. At Keynsham TTC there is a real mix of people from 10 year olds, senior school kids, Uni students, working professionals, self employed and retired people. It’s honestly one of the best things in the world to see teenagers and people in their 60s/70s talking about tactics, trick shots and football together. You just don’t get this form of interaction elsewhere.

2 – YouTube Content from other creators

In this lockdown there has been a real surge in people talking about all things table tennis. Now it’s not only the likes of Dan Ives and his TTD channel but you have pros vlogging, people sharing tips and equipment reviews from across the UK and Europe. People like Tom Lodziak have continued to produce videos and he’s even written a book! There will be a video and article soon talking about my favourite creators, so hit me up with some of your favourites too.

3 – High Level Table Tennis

What I mean by high level is the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics coming up this summer. We get to see styles and individuals from all over the world compete, hopefully in front of a small controlled audience. I really hope that the media teams have taken note of the recent Ping Pong competition from late January in Coventry – the build up, real time updates and multiple camera angles was first class from that weekend. Then this September hopefully we’ll get the British League back for the 2021/22 season. It’ll be great to see some of the other teams will take TTD’s lead and start filming more so that we can begin to build more following for the competition.

4 – Local League Play

Now some reading this will think that British League is local league – but this is for the Premier/Country players, not for the likes of me and thousands of other players in England. I’m talking about Bath and District Leagues, Bristol League and the many others around the country. This caters for beginner players to county players and plenty in-between. What I’m looking forward to is travelling to the different village halls, scout huts, churches, community centres and even tennis clubs! Each venue is different and the styles of play need to be adapted to suit the room and opponents/characters that you encounter. I can’t wait for social competitions too like Battle of the Paddle in Bristol – incredibly fun places to help introduce the sport to working professionals and have a beer of 5 on a ‘school night’.

5 – Talking more to you!

Now I’ve been very slack at this after I went back to work after furlough (thankfully) in June/July. So I’m now out to make up for lost time in 2021!

This is mainly going to be when we can safely move around the country again. I have big plans to get out on the road and see different clubs, communities and actually play the game again. I have some exciting matches planned out; it’s just the logistics to sort out when it’s safe to do so.

I want to make sure I talk about what you want to hear about in the vast world of table tennis, and this can only happen when you interact with me. So, no matter when or what time you are reading this (could even be years from now) just drop me a quick message on any of the social channels with any suggestions for topics.